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Nabire: TNI Person At Pastor and Civilians 1 Comments

Monday, June 24, 2013 | Posted in , ,

Reverend Delvian Iyai (38), beating victim unscrupulous members of the TNI (Photo: Yones Douw)
Nabire - Pastor Delvian Iyai (38), a resident of Coral Tumaritis, Nabire regency, Papua, suffered a torn wound on the right eyebrow after getting hit from sergeant Suraji, TNI members of Paniai District Military Command in 1705, on June 20, 2013.

Yones Douw, a human rights activist in Nabire report, the incident began when the pastor Iyai will travel to the village of Demogo, District Siriwo, Nabire, to attend the inauguration of a church building.

On June 19, 2013, Pastor Iyai told by Mr. Ruben Magai, chairman of Commission A of DPRP in Papua province to come along with his entourage to attend the inauguration of the church building Demogo GKII Adauwo, with Pilate Susi Air plane ride.

But because there is no service in Paniai, then pastor Iyai not go along with the group, but left their own using public transport on June 20, 2013, at around 09.00 CET.

Of Nabire towards Siriwo, pastor Iyai ride public transportation. Inside the freight looked too Thobias family father Madai, and several civilians.

As usual, all the passengers and the driver must transport down from the car and ate and drank together at the diner Prostration, at Kilo 100. Prostration is eating stalls belonging to members of the military, Sergeant Suraji which has long operated.

Iyai pastor and father Thobias family occupies a dining table. The waiter was going to take their food order that has been said before.

're Fun to eat, the child the father Thobias about three years old asking buy biscuits. Thobias father's wife got up and went to buy biscuits in prostration kiosk which is located not far from the food stalls. Thobias pack itself after him, and while stopped eating.

After she came, her father handed Thobias, and sit back to spend the rest of the meal. However, it turns out the shop steward is combine leftovers with someone else's food pack Thobias, and plans to get rid of the leftovers.

Looking at it, sir Thobias directly rebuked the servant of the shop, and said that he would still continue to eat.

"Why do you mix dirt on my diet. I still want to eat. I do not want to pay, if you want to please replace the new food again, "said Sir Thobias as reported Douw.

Not received with thanksgiving pack Thobias, Suraji sergeant, a member of the District Military Command 1705 TNI is in the eating point came and started beating up the father fell to the floor Thobias food stalls.

Seeing the incident, the pastor Iyai beating action prohibits military members against civilians. "I am a pastor, it is my people, why did you hit him. Try the diner waitress asked, what's the problem, "said pastor Iyai to members of the military.

Not accept the reprimand Iyai pastor, members of the TNI also throw a punch to the face and on the right temple, until the bleeding and swelling.

Douw strongly condemns the acts of violence committed by members of the clergy Iyai military and a civilian. According Yones, do not kedunya insurgency, or violence.

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