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Special Operation Before Act Of Self Determination 0 Comments

By Kabar Mapegaa

 By;Fransiskus Kugiwiyai Pekey

(Photo;Doc Self /ist).
Special Operation is the one Intelligent organization in KOSTRAD (Komando Strategy Angkatan Darat) or Strategy Commando of Indonesia Military.

It was built by Brigade General Ali Murtopo at year 1963. He is the one of the Indonesia’s Intelligent and also the member of Soeharto  (Ex. President Indonesia) and Sujono humardani.

This organization was established for expansion area of Indonesia to Serawak (now is East Malaysia).

But after success in expansion area to West Papua Nation that had proclamation by the facto at 1^st December 1961. But because still some trouble about Indigenous Papuan over there, so this organization came to West Papua island.

Some Special Operation that done in West Papua Island is burned the document about West Papua Nation who was hided by West Papuan, terror Indigenous People in West Papua, Intimidation Papuan, Jailed people, kidnap and also killed every West Papuan Indigenous who decline and against Indonesia Government.

Because of this Operation finally Indonesia Government could be the winner of Act of Free Choice (referendum) at year 1969 because Papuan representatives was choused byIndonesia Government and they put representative in Dewan Musyawarah PEPERA (Consultation Council of Self Determination).

But if we look at the law and justice, so the referendum was took in West Papua is ILLEGAL or not legal because it was done by representatives (no one man one vote) like International Law for an referendum in one region.This is the total representative of referendum is 1026 people from 800,000 soul.

Ali Murtopo always pressed the DMP members and show his gun in front of them and said: We don’t need you Papuan, we just need your Land. If you want to get independent, please ask your God to put small island Pacific Ocean or sent the letter to USA so they could took you to the moon. And if you want to rejected the Indonesia Government, so I will kill you.

 Writter Anak Pinggiran live in Manado City

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