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Thursday, February 28, 2013 | Posted in ,

YOGYAKARTA-Representatives of the people of Papua, the Papuan Students Alliance, (AMP) City committee Yogyakarta (DIY) Performs peaceful, related to "Indonesia soon! recognize West Papua as a State "and stop treatment Military Operations Area (DOM) in Papua

Previous call action issued by the chairman of the town committee AMP Karoba Jogya Roi, the, that right today, Thursday (02/28/2013,) peaceful protest. Press Relase that Kirm to this medium that On December 1, 1961 has been declared Papuan independence as a nation educated tribe consisting of MW Kaisiepo and Mofu (Islands Chouten / Cenderawasih), Nicolaus Youwe (Hollandia), P. Torey (Ransiki / Manokwari), A.K. Gebze (Merauke), M.B. Ramandey (Waropen), U.S. Onim (Teminabuan), N. Tanggahma (Fakfak), F. Poana (Mimika), Abdullah Arfan (Raja Ampat) form an agency named Nieuw Guinea Raad (Council of New Guinea) and spawned successful it spawned a political manifesto; 1). Determine the name of the State: West Papua, 2). Determining the national anthem, O my land of Papua, 3). Determining the flag State: Morning Star, 4). State emblem: Birds Mambruk and 5). Slogan: One People, One Soul. And Morning Star will flown on December 1, 1961.

The ideas and ideals of the educated Papua is not running smoothly, 18 days after the declaration of the State of Papua, precisely December 19, 1961 President Sukarno proclaimed TRIKORA in the North Square of Yogyakarta to fail the State of Papua. Since then, Indonesia Papua is a colony because of his arrogance, and selfishness expansionist rulers Indonesia.

After three years later the exact date, May 1, 1963, coinciding with the end of the reign of the Unites Nations Temporrary Executive Administratins (UNTEA) or the United Nations Interim Administration in Papua, and the Netherlands to Indonesia menyerakan their authority, then the Indonesian government began placing military forces in large numbers throughout the Land of Papua Human Rights Violations (HAM) massive and Inhuman.

Human rights violations in this dehumanizing occur in several military operations conducted in Papua, including; Operation Aware 1965 - 1966, Judah Barata Operations 1966 - 1967, Operating Authority 1967 - 1969, Operation Pamungkas 1969 - 1971, Operation Koteka 1977, and violations other human rights as it is today. As a result of the military operations launched by Indonesia at that time, thousands of lives lost and lead the people of Papua Human Rights Violations (HAM) in Papua weight.

But with the ever-expanding West Papua Independence Struggle Movement in the Land of Papua and in accordance with the Dutch government's promise to be proclaimed the Independence of Papua on July 1, 1970, then on July 1, 1971 the Free Papua Movement (OPM) under the leadership Brig. Seth. J. Rumkorem Proclaims Independence West Papua in the village of Waris, Hollandia "Headquarters Vicktoria". Although the reading of the proclamation was delayed one year from initial planning, but the reading of the Proclamation is berhal raise morale to all the people who ultimately make the Government of Papua Indonesia tantrum and eventually made Indonesia launched military operations intensified throughout Papua.

Although Indonesia has several times had changed - change the leadership of Sukarno to SBY and DOM status was revoked from the Papua region of Indonesia but military brutality against Papuan people still happening today. Military brutality that occurred in some parts of Papua including; Pania (Enarotali), Degeuwo, and Puncak Jaya.

After a firefight occurred in Puncak Jaya between West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) under the leadership of Gend. Goliath Tabuni and the Indonesian Military in Puncak Jaya precisely Tingginabut and Sinak some time ago, president Susilo Yudhoyono Babang (President) segerah respond and perform limited meeting and decided to do operashun military in the area, then to the decision of the Government of Indonesia and to avoid military violence against local civilians as has happened in other parts of Papua before, then we are from Papua Student Alliance (AMP) expressly says attitude: "Soon! Admit West Papua Apply For State and Stop Military Operations Area (DOM) in Papua "and demanded: 1. Stop Indonesia! Claiming Papua Part Of Homeland, 2. Indonesia, the United States and the United Nations Sovereignty Soon Admit West Papua, 3. Stop the Occupation and Military Pull of the Whole Land of Papua

Such an attitude statement Papua Student Alliance (AMP), on behalf of the nation of Papua Ancestors Rawhide Bones, we invite all fellow Papuan students to be actively involved in the fight for Independence of West Papua. (M/ADMIN)

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