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Indonesia Gold like Papua, Papua Non Mas 0 Comments

Sunday, April 21, 2013 | Posted in ,

Assessed the government's attention focused only on extraordinary natural wealth in Papua and gives more security to the exploitation of foreign companies. In addition, the government assessed further protect Papua's natural riches than the indigenous Papuans. "The Papuans say 'like gold Papuan government, not the mas Papua.' That in the opinion of the people of Papua," says Neles Tebay, missiology professor of Philosophy School of Theology (STFT) Fajar Timur, Abepura, Papua, at a discussion on "Restoring the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples "in Jakarta, Saturday (30/1/2010). Neles explained, the fundamental problems Pupua not separatism, but concerns over the sustainability of the right to life. "The issue is not separatism. Papuans are concerned any time the Papuans who live in the Republic will be extinct in Papua," he stated. Indigenous communities, says Neles, community members not only considers people live, but also a community of the dead as ancestors. In fact, members of their communities include land, mountains, rocks, rivers, animals, and spirits. "PT Freeport grab the gold and copper at the top of the mountain in Papua is considered as a part of their community. Lands, mountain, sea they call mama. Dredging means dredging mountaintop mommy brain. Dieruk If mama brain, it will have an impact on their children (community), "he explained. Papuan resistance fighters from 1963 until 2000, he said, is a form of resistance to the parties exploiting natural resources that will threaten the rights of Papuans live. "The army has responded with a massive operation to combat the separatists considered it," her palm. Therefore, Neles said, currently there are differences in perception about the factors that threaten the right to life between the Papuan people and the government. The difference then hamper the recovery process rights of the Papuan people live. "So there needs to be dialogue between the government in Jakarta with the people of Papua," he said.

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