The massive exploitation of the natural and mineral resources, aggressive repression of our human dignity and continuous environmental destruction by foreign and Indonesian interests has deprived West Papuans of our rights to live freely and independently.

 The Indonesian government continues to violate the basic human rights of West Papuans. Thousands of West Papuans are deprived of their land, hundreds are detained and currently imprisoned without trial, and many have been killed by the Indonesian Army. It is estimated that 30,000 West Papuan have died fighting for independence.
A recent testimony to this is the massacre of 22 civilians and 15 alleged guerrillas who were killed or “disappeared” by the Indonesian Army, aided by security forces employed by the Freeport McMoRan Mine. Others were arbitrarily beaten, arrested, tortured, had their houses burned and gardens destroyed and were forced to flee into the jungle.

That is one of among thousands of brutal action form Indonesian Army to the local people, the owner of the land (indigenous people).

Crying for freedom
Please we urge all countries of the world, especial to my people, one blood, one family, one tribe and nation, Melanesian Countries to voice support our movement of freedom in all forums of the world. The United Nations, The Non Aligned Movement of Nations, The South Pacific Forum, and The Association of South East Asian Nations. They must recognise our plight and condemn Indonesia for abusing our most basic and universal human rights. Our right to exists?

“Our brothers and sisters, never give up fighting for our rights to freedom.
To have the right to our own legal systems and customs. As long as they accord with international human rights law must be effort”
According to International Human Rights Law, article 34 on the rights of indigenous people, stated clearly that Indigenous people have the rights to determine their own legal system and custom. So, I urge to all the people of West Papua that let’s close ranks, unity and move forward to fight for restoring our dignity and identity as a nation of Papua, Melanesian.

On behalf of my people of West Papua, I ask morale and material support, both directly and indirectly to all countries in the world, who have a heard of love and peace to support the fate of the West Papuan people, to determine their own destiny for freedom as other countries in the world.
This voice comes from oppressed people inside in West Papua.

More specifically I would also like to encourage my brothers and sisters as people of Melanesia and generally to my brothers and sisters from Micronesia and Polynesia that don’t forget your brothers and sisters in West Papua. Please bring our voice to the higher level of forums for the sake of the fate of West Papua people.

Free the World, Free Pacific, Free Australia,
Free Polynesia, Free Micronesia, Free Melanesia

By: PEACE Campaign